5 Nanny Resume mistakes holding you back to get a nanny job

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 5 Nanny resume mistakes holding you back to get a nanny job

Avoid them to increase your chances


The times when people were able to work at one place for 40-50 years are over. I still remember when my grandfather left his company after 50 years of hard work. I brought up believing that is the usual way. But everything changed since.

As new companies rising some old ones fall people need to make adjustments in their life. We need to get a new job or build something from scratch. If we look for another job then one of the most valuable tool to get one is our CV. To get a nanny job, you certainly need a good nanny resume.

People often believe because it is not a corporate job, the resume is not essential. But they are wrong. That is your entry ticket to the waiting area of the nanny world. An agency or a family can dismiss or become interested in you in few seconds after quickly browsing through your CV.

As you can see you have that few seconds to win over the person, who reads your profile. How to make that count?- People often ask. Well, you need to have some resume writing skills. If you do it right, it can sell you and land your dream job. If you make mistakes then, it can hold you back for a long time.

Imagine that you have everything: right experience, appropriate skills, and qualifications, but you always fail to get a nanny job. You need to consider that either your resume is to be blamed or other parts of the application process like the interview ( phone or face to face) etc. The good news is that you can make changes and can learn how to polish them.

But for now we like to keep focus on the biggest resume mistakes:

1. Making Grammatical Errors and Typos

An employer can spot these mistakes quickly, and most of the time they are less than impressed with these errors in your nanny resume. Try to avoid them at all costs.

  • Use a tool like Grammarly (free or premium)- It is a MUST HAVE!

  • Ask others to read it and check for errors


2. Sending Everyone the Same Resume

Once again employers are pretty good in spotting too generic resumes. You should customize your CV each time you apply. Your target audience`s need is different, so you should tailor things accordingly.

  • Spot key details in the job description and target those
  • Highlight your skills and experiences required for the job
  • Write why you are a good match for that position how they benefit from hiring you


3. Presenting false or Incorrect Information

Even the smallest of these can ruin your chances, and you can have a bad reputation. Better to be fully transparent from the very beginning than boost up things with a lie. An impressive resume might get you an interview but an experienced interviewer can spot suspicious information and can use it against you.

If you used a false information somewhere, on the interview your body language will change, your voice will change, you will get stressed around that part so you can not hide for long. Some agencies communicate with each other and the next one might avoid working with you, but you will never know why.

From a family point of view they might think if you lie in your nanny resume, you might lie later on to them too. They want their children to grow up and become honest. Would you hire a dishonest person? I guess the answer is NO.


4. Creating a style disaster

A resume should be nice and clean easily readable with a good structure. We often see resumes with 5 different letter size and style, various colors. It is just a no go! The person who receives these type of resumes will put them down without checking a single detail about you.

  • Use the same font
  • Use black for font and maybe (not necessary) highlight your email or website with another color (blue or green but don`t use neon colors!!!!!!)
  • Be creative with your language and not with the styling


5. Being to long or too short

A good resume should be 1 page and contain all essential details following those ideas above. You can also attach a cover letter (don`t forget to customized each time you apply) to make sure you show why you are the best choice for that position.

A too short resume might indicate a little carelessness.We often get emails like these from different applicants:

email applicant 1 example: “Hi.”

email applicant 2 example: “How.”

email applicant 3 example: “I want, how?”

Of course, we are polite and answer, but it is not a good start. A nanny should be good in communication because they will develop their client`s child`s communication. So once again would you hire someone who can`t display basic communication skills?

A too long (several pages) is unnecessary and also a little bit inconvenient for the reader. Don`t forget you want to raise interest and not to tell your full life story.

  • Be yourself
  • Don`t use fancy words what you don`t use in everyday life
  • Stay relevant


Improving your nanny resume have tons of benefit, and it can land you an excellent job. It takes some time to create, edit and then proofread but it worth it. Imagine, an athlete trains for years or a lifetime to achieve greatness. Spending few hours on your resume can not be compared to those efforts and still it can make a huge difference in your nanny career.


If you think you need some improvement then what are you waiting for? Go and check yours, make some changes, use Grammarly for perfecting your grammar! We are using Grammarly and we are proud to be their affiliate.











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