Nanny’s guide to choosing the right toys for the right age

choosing the right toys for the right age

Nanny’s Guide to choosing the right toys for the right age

Since playing with toys is a very important part of childhood adults try to surprise kids with the best toys. And when it comes to kids, there can never be a better companion than toys. In this article, we categorized toys on the basis of age groups. Here you will find a few ideas to help for choosing the right toys for the right age.

Toys for infants aged 0-6 months

The most important task of newborns is to learn how to move their body. This development starts from the inside out, from their head towards their feet, so that they learn how to control the different body parts.

Newborns have poor eyesight and little ability to focus beyond 6 or 10 inches away.
As a nanny, you can participate in the baby’s eye development by surrounding them with black and white pictures or toys. These visual stimuli are easily detectable for the not fully developed eyes of infants.

Colorful toys have an exciting effect on a kid’s mind as they are growing up. Pick toys that have bright, contrasting colors.choosing the right toys for the right age
The tactile sensitivity of babies is advanced, so it is advisable to surround them with soft toys and blankets. While young babies might be too small to enjoy their gifts, these toys are great for their development.

By the age of 6 months, babies can reach out for and grab the objects in front of them. Play mats with the arch is an excellent choice if you want to encourage them to crawl and start moving in different directions on the mat.

Toys for babies aged 6-12 months

Baby toys for six months to a year can offer a great deal for the little ones’ development. This is the time when you must consider buying toys that can help balance and movement development.

These babies can crawl after cars rolling away or push buttons on musical toys.Books can be fun even at this young age. They love looking at bold, contrasting colors of Leporello or board books.

Toys with detachable parts should not be bought for babies and toddlers since there is a good possibility they might swallow those pieces.

Toys for toddlers aged 1-3 years

When toddlers start exploring the world around them, they also begin to perceive themselves as independent beings. A plastic mirror with a soft surround and textures would be a great gift idea for these children.

They enjoy and seek out various ways to move and play, so it is advised to pick toys that help children develop and maintain controlled body movements: play vehicles, swings, tents or play tent for toddlers

Their attention can be captured by colorful books of animals, fruits or the alphabet. Regarding their language acquisition, a two-year-old not only understands most of what you say to them but also speaks with a facilely growing vocabulary.

Toddlers love playing games that involve the idea of ‘I’m doing it.’. Building blocks, activity cubes, and foam puzzle mats might be their favorite toy.

They learn new skills by imitating adults, therefore do not hesitate to buy small toys that resemble the life of adults: kids’ tool sets, toy drills, hammers, play kitchens, and kichen for kids

The little ones of this age also love packing, so putting the toys in boxes and containers is an excellent idea.

Toys for kids aged 3-7 years

These should be the happiest years of the childhood filled with endless days spent playing in the kindergarten. This is also the age to start their social life. Learning through role play is important: feel free to pick dolls, costumes or puppets for them. As they grow older, dollhouses, play kitchens, and complex tool sets are the best gifts for these kids.dollhouse

They also love listening to stories, so buy them storybooks. They will engage the story as you read to them.

The act of creation makes children happy. Surprise them with a set of pencils, crayons or play-doh. Never forget to praise and encourage the little artist, as it is crucial in the development of self-expression and for kids aged 3-7

Aside from giving children a lot of fun and excitement, outdoor toys are also highly beneficial for a child’s development. Playing with sandbox toys or simple ball games gives them the opportunity to make new friends and improve motor skills.

Toys for children aged 7 years and up

Playing activities of these children recall the ‘games’ of adults. They spend more and more time playing board games or card games. They are old enough to behave in a sportsmanlike behavior and can build strategies. They find pleasure in word games, or games involving puzzle and logic.

In their creative process, there is a shift towards art, whether it is building complex Lego structures, painting or embroidery. If you want to buy a puzzle, pick the challenging one with thousands of pieces in it.

They are able to concentrate on longer stories, so you can buy them thicker books, and later young adult fiction.

Keeping adults in the game

On the threshold of adulthood, we seem to lose interest in playing. But it happens only because we turn inward. This is why teenagers read a lot and listen to music all the times. They are trying to find their path.

However, between personal and professional responsibilities, we should have time to play. And playing with kids helps us experience the magic of the game through their perspective.

What are the most important factors when you choose a toy for a child? Do you have some extra tip? Tell us about your experience with toys as a nanny in the comment section and help with your experiences for nannies and parents for choosing the right toys for the right age.


















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