How to Deep Clean Your Home to Prepare for a New Baby

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How to Deep Clean Your Home to Prepare for a New Baby


Having a baby is one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences any parent can have. So make sure you’re prepared for the entry of this new family member into your life — and into your home.

What are the tasks you need to accomplish before your baby comes home?

Furnishing and preparing the nursery is the first step. The next step is to baby-proof your home. This includes making sure that all electrical outlets are covered and cleaning supplies are stored in a locked cabinet.

The next (and most crucial) step is to deep clean and organize your home preferably one or two months before your baby’s arrival. Deep cleaning your home will ensure that your baby arrives and stays in a healthy and clean environment.  

Here is a step-by-step guide to deep cleaning your home in preparation for your baby’s arrival.


Step 1: Tackle Molds

Mold is a health hazard that most parents do not consider. You may not realize that your rooms have molds because they thrive in humid conditions like in hidden corners and cracks.

Running a dehumidifier is a sure-fire way to remove molds. But if you have a bigger mold problem, consider enlisting help from professional cleaners or getting a full-time maid service


Step 2: Remove Allergens and Dust Mites

It is quite challenging to remove allergens and dust mites around your home but this can easily be done with a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate arresting filter. To ensure that the air is clean, thoroughly vacuum your entire house at least once every week.

One of your main priorities when expecting a baby is to make sure that the air quality in your house is excellent. So if you haven’t booked for an air conditioning duct cleaning service yet, now is the time to do such. If you neglect to have your AC ducts clean, it can blow dust around your house. Furthermore, get all your mattresses cleaned because they usually have the highest concentration of dust mites.

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Step 3: Deep Clean the Kitchen

It is crucial for you to have a clean and germ-free area to prepare bottles especially if you will be bottle-feeding your baby or mixing it with breastfeeding.

First, choose an area in your kitchen where you will prepare your baby’s bottles. Wipe down the cabinets, appliances and drawers. Also, deep clean the countertops. These areas must always be disinfected to prevent the risk of food contamination whenever you are preparing meals.

Moreover, clean out your fridge and freezer. When the baby comes home, expect that your family and friends will bring over meals. So remove any expired food and disinfect your refrigerator. Most importantly, organize it and choose a spot only for your baby’s items. This will help make reaching for your baby’s stuff a lot easier when needed.

Now that your family is growing, you may also want to consider if your kitchen still matches your lifestyle.


Step 4: Clean the Carpet

Your carpet works like a filter collecting dirt, pet dander, dust and other debris. Thus, having them professionally cleaned is important regularly and before your baby arrives.

Between professional cleanings, you also need to keep it clean by using the methods that are recommended by the manufacturer. Remember to avoid using powder fresheners for your carpet because this exposes your baby to potentially harmful particles in the powder.

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Step 5: Wash Linens

Do not forget to wash the linens that your baby will come in contact with regularly. These include blankets, bibs, sheets, curtains, clothes and towels.

To prevent your baby from developing rashes because of the harsh chemicals most laundry soaps have, consider using detergents that are safe for babies.


Step 6: Book a Professional Deep Cleaning Service

Even if you clean your house regularly, you can’t totally eliminate dust, germs and other debris. Only with a professional deep cleaning service can you be sure that there are no dangerous bacteria or hidden dirt around your home.

Deep cleaning services will include a thorough cleaning of all furniture, appliances, and surfaces in your house. It can also include sanitizing and steam cleaning the baby’s room. So before your baby comes home, make sure to book a deep cleaning service.

There are several tasks you can do to keep your house clean before your baby comes home. But to ensure a hygienic environment for your baby, consider letting professional cleaners take care of all the work for you.

Apart from making your home clean, organized and germ-free, enlisting professional help will allow you to relax and enjoy the last couple of weeks before giving birth.



Rania Bellos launched Dust Busters Cleaning Services with the help and support of her husband after spending 15 years working in the banking and finance industry in France, Lebanon and the UAE. She welcomes the daily challenges and exciting opportunities provided by the highly competitive residential and commercial cleaning services market.


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