5 Steps to improve your nanny job application

nanny job application

5 Steps to improve your nanny job application

5 easy steps before applying to nanny jobs

In our guide how to become a nanny in 10 steps the 4th step is when you go for it and apply. At that point, you gained some knowledge and experience, created a nanny resume and hit the apply button.

After waiting for a while, you not getting any response or if you are lucky to get a message that says “sorry but the client does not consider you this time for the position.”

And it keeps happening time after time. It is time to go through the checklist. Follow this 5 steps to grab the job you really want.

Step 1: Polish up your resume

Run through your resume and check every detail. Make sure you are not using different font types and font sizes (don`t use different colors). Always start with the most recent job and education.

Pay attention to your image!
•Make sure it is not blurry
•Don`t upload a picture with children on it (a family does not want the next nanny to appear with their child on a resume).

•Don’t pose too much just be natural.
•If you wearing your glasses is fine, just make sure not wearing sunglasses.

If you haven`t written a good description then it is time. This is the most important part of your resume! Write here about yourself and let the employers know why they should choose you. Don’t write about your hair color, height or weight. We often see people write those.
If you do, you already go to the back of the list because those are not what the family is interested in and it indicated that the applicant is not very professional. Examples:

Wrong description:

white, 63in, 63kg, long brown hair, blue eyes. 26 of age…

Right description:

I am a honest and precise professional who has over 3 years of experience in child care. I am happy to contribute to the physical and mental development of your children.

During my experience as a live in nanny, I gained expertise in the different aspects of child care such as; working with parents to organise their children’s activities, taking care of their dietary needs, and providing first aid in case of emergencies. I am expert in taking care of infants; feeding, diaper changing etc. Besides all the regular nanny duties, I have a demonstrated ability to perform housekeeping tasks too.

I believe these are the kinds of skills and abilities you are seeking in a Live-in Nanny. I would appreciate a chance to meet with you to talk about this further.

Regards, Emily

Location: In this field write the current city you living not the one where you desire to work! If you do not follow this then the employer gets confused, and you will lose their trust.

Step 2: Ask for feedback

Try to find out what was the reason, why they not shortlisted you. It’s not always possible but some families or agencies are happy to give you valuable feedback so you can improve next time.

Step 3: Fill the gaps

After reading tons of nanny job descriptions you will be able to sense what kind of qualifications or experience you should have in order to succeed. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they believe they are the perfect choice for a nanny job just because kids or they are looking after a kid from their close family.

A family who considers employing a nanny wants more. They like you to have references from trustworthy sources, an employer (related to child care), a charity organization, any child care related certificate, etc.

They also like you to have a proper understanding of Child development so you can identify all the stages. Families want their best for their children so they highly value those who not only looking after kids but also actively contribute to their healthy growth.

A nanny with even one little course or certificate will have a better chance over those who have no related qualifications to the job.

Step 4: Never send template message

Imagine if a family receives hundreds of applications and all sounds the same or very similar. They will look for and jump on the first unique one they read. Also here is an example:

Candidate 1:


My name is Lisa. I love kids and I can cook and clean well. I would like to apply to your job because I want to work abroad. Please give me the job I promise I will love your child as my own …

Candidate 2:

Dear Family

My name is Lisa. I came across your nanny job position and I believe I could be and excellent choice. I noticed you are looking for someone with music background. I not only love music but I am also a qualified piano instructor, teaching kids all ages…

Which Lisa you would hire?

Most important thing is to read the job description carefully paying attention to details. Find out who they need and If you believe you are the one then let them know by customizing your application to their needs. Highlight the things you noticed in the description and let them know what they gain by hiring you to cover those needs.

Also you will learn straight away if you should skip the application. If you don`t fit the description by a mile please don`t apply. If you do you just get frustrated by the rejection and on the other side the family will have extra work from reading unqualified resumes.

Stand out from the crowed. Keep in mind that hundreds or thousands might apply for the same position so you can not afford to be lazy and send the same exact sentences to everyone.

Step 5: Speed is key

As we mentioned above your competition is huge so you need to act fast. When you see a new nanny job appears you need to read the description, craft a response and apply. If you say oh I will do next day or over the weekend then that job might be gone by then.

As you can see the steps are pretty simple but they can make a huge difference. If you follow our resume guide and these steps then you are already one step closer to your dream job as a nanny.





















Istvan Hetesi


  1. haydee sumaylo

    I’m interested to work as a nanny.. i love the child the way i love my kids….im a certified caregiver by july 2017….

    • Andrea Hetesi

      Hi, welcome to our website! If you did not yet, please register as a nanny on our website by filling out our online resume form. After that, you will be able to apply any of our available positions. Good luck for you and hope to see you soon on board!

  2. Good day mam,im mary jane sali im willing to work with a kids and clean the house any position you give im interested to work abroad.thank u very much if you hire me mam coz is the ist time to work and its my ist time travel mam give me a chance….

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