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Coding for Kids-How Teaching Your Child to Code Will Help Secure Their Future

In today’s world, there is an urgent need for people who are skilled in coding to satisfy the increasing demand of the tech industry. That’s why teaching your child how to code is a significant investment in their future.

As the skill for the 21st century and with today’s technological advancement, coding has rapidly become very important. But what is coding? According to the most basic definition, it refers to how we speak with the PCs and what we use to run the apps, websites, video games, and much more.

Learning how to code is just like knowing how to write and speak in a specific language. There are several esoteric terms and acronyms in the study of coding including Ruby, HTML, Java, and CSS.



Several years back, when the whole idea about coding started, it could have easily been termed as mere hype since it was still new to the system.

But now, you can quickly secure a job if you know how to code. As a matter of fact, several jobs that involve coding pay so well.

Some of the computer coding jobs which are in high demand include software developer, web developer database administrator, systems analysts, computer network architect among others. Here is how coding will help secure your kids future.

Coding is in high demand

The tech industry is always in need of coders, graphic designers, computer science majors, mathematicians, software developers and more.

These jobs are not only lucrative but plentiful as well. For instance, graphic designers earn an average of $51,680 a year.

Working in any of the above fields and being able to code using Python, JavaScript or just common computer programming is a significant step towards securing a stable job.

Knowing how to code will, therefore, secure your kid’s chances of getting a lucrative career in future.

With coding knowledge, your kid will be able to know the world around them

Although programming is based on logic, it also involves a lot of creativity. If you learn how to code, you’ll be able to develop several computer apps, websites, and video games among others.

For many developers, the essential feature of coding is the challenge involved and the reward of witnessing their work come to life. With the right teaching, getting started with coding can be fun and easy.

“Coding is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter where your child came from, or what schools she attended. If she can learn to code well, she will have a sustainable, six-figure career path with potential to work in some of the most exciting, fastest growing companies on the planet.” according to David Dodge, CEO of Codakid

coding for kids

Coding is a lifelong skill

Even if your kid wants to do something outside the computer industry, coding skills will still be relevant. Coding teaches organization, problem-solving, designing, storytelling, and much more.

The good thing about coding is that it not only allows your kids to express themselves well but also comes in handy in many areas of life.

If you want them to gain interest show them what they can create. The capability to code transforms children from innovative creators to passive consumers with the eye that see every piece of technology as an opportunity to create and probe to solve.

Coding provides an advantage when seeking jobs and internship

If you possess a hot skill that others don’t possess such as coding, you will appear more appealing in the eyes of employers and potential college admission panel.

boy coding

Coding prepares children for high school and the life after

Just like any other language, coding is best learned early. Once the kids have known the type of language required to solve a coding problem, the transition to any becomes very easy and straightforward.

One of the most significant obstacles for succeeding in college-level computer science or high school is lack of confidence in handling unfamiliar, challenging material. The best solution towards this is early exposure.

Being introduced to this skill early makes it easy to learn some of the most technical aspects that are involved. According to a study done by Gallup and Google, early exposure is one of the ways we can boost the confidence of young kids while they are still interested in learning.

Coding can help the kids be more responsible

Owning their devices or using the school’s will not only improve their decision-making skills but also teach them how to be responsible in future. Coding will give them access to a whole range of opportunities and empower them to be more creative and stay connected as they live with other people.

Coding improves persistence and collaboration

Just like any discipline, knowing how to code is a huge challenge. This means handling problems and creating errors along the way can be very annoying. Thankfully, with such challenges, coding teaches the kids how to remain strong.

Learning how to search for answers through collaboration and research will, therefore, build an essential skill in them.

Apart from learning how code kids will know how to collaborate with others in all other aspects of life. Kids who are studying online can also grow by asking questions and creating things together.

coding kids

Coding will boost their communication skills

Whether you are in school or working, communication is an essential skill to master. Those who can speak complex ideas in understandable terms are more likely to succeed in different areas of life. When kids learn how to code they will also know how to speak well.

Coding teaches the kids to break down the problems and organize them is such a way that the computers can be able to understand.

With the technological world, increasingly changing coding has now become a vital skill for the future. If your child has an interest in coding, you need to do everything possible to help them learn.

Even if they lack any interest, you should still consider teaching them. If you do this, you’ll be glad that at least you gave it a chance. However, while doing this do not forget about other things such as game development possibilities, photography, and video production among others.

While coding can make you succeed, you must also possess the knowledge to boost your progress. Overall, kids who want to capitalize on the tech jobs available should take coding and programming courses today.

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