A 7 years old Filipina Girl killed by jellyfish


Jellyfish – The dangerous beauty


Water, sea, Oceans can be a blessing. We often admire their view, dipping in ourselves on a hot summer day, or observing marine life. But there are times when no matter how beautiful it is, Sealife shows us its dangers. Jellyfish is only one of them.

They are magnificent creatures but at the same time deadly.

On July 26th a family’s life has changed forever. Their precious little girl Gaia age 7 was swimming in the waters off Sabitang-Laya island when a jellyfish stung her. Just over an hour later, she was declared dead upon arrival at a town hospital.


The town’s police reported that Gaia was accompanied by her mother Romanita, three family friends, the boat captain and a crew member when tragedy struck on Monday (July 30).

According to a police report, the ship captain Edcel Alarcon immediately applied gasoline to the sting and the family made haste to seek medical attention.

Unfortunately, the hospital was too far, and it took time before the young girl received life-saving treatment. Travel time from the island to the hospital usually takes an hour by sea and another 40 minutes on land.

It is sad that such a beautiful day can turn into a parent’s worst nightmare in a second.

Let’ look int the causes.



Jellyfish are non-aggressive, gelatinous marine creatures surrounded by long tentacles.

These tentacles are covered with sacs that are filled with venom.
That can cause a sometimes life-threatening, deadly sting.

There are over 200 types (that have been documented). Some of the well known are:

  • box jellyfish (sea wasps)
  • hydroids
  • anemones

They are everywhere throughout the world. But, the most dangerous is in the Indo-Pacific and Australian waters. They are floating around elegantly, almost hypnotizing the spectators.

They usually swim near the surface of the water during times of diminished light, floating or on the in the sand after ending up on the beach.

Jellyfish stings are accidental – from swimming into it or carelessly handling them.


What Are the Sting Symptoms?

Intense, stinging pain, Itching, rash, and raised welts.
lymph node swelling,
abdominal pain,
muscle spasms.
Severe reactions might cause coma and death.

A box jellyfish sting or other highly venomous types can cause death in minutes.


When Should I Call the Doctor?

Seek ASAP medical treatment if the person stung has:

Difficulty breathing,
Problem swallowing, Chest pain,
Difficulty swallowing, swelling of lips and tongue.
The person is very young or old.
bad itching,
redness, pain, and swelling of the skin

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