Haunted house live in nanny position for the brave

nanny position

Haunted house live in nanny position for the brave

Not often we come across a high paying nanny position where people hesitate to apply for it. Back in 2017 there was an ad online went viral. A family in Scotland is offered to pay more than $60,000 to a full-time nanny. Sounds great but there is a catch.

The family placed an ad for a live-in nanny on a UK website.
The post started like any other childcare related post: the parents have two kids. Aged 5 and 7, and they live in a “lovely, spacious, historic property in a remote spot with spectacular views.”

The nanny jobs description also wasn’t that different from any other nanny position. Standard, simple duties with the kids and in the house while the parents are away. And they were away a lot.

A high salary of $63,000 was offered along with perfect living conditions. En-suite bathroom and private kitchen. That is not something you get often.

Everyone who read those lines was ready to pull the trigger and apply, but just in case they continued to read.

And that is when the lines got a bit spooky.
They lived there for over 10 years and struggled to find or keep nannies because of a tiny detail:

Their house is Haunted.

nanny position

You heard it right. Like in the movies. Nannies sometimes left claiming to hear strange noises, experienced supernatural things, glasses broken in the house and so on.

So you are there to protect children when basically you feel you need protection too.

Scarry as it is but still the combination of honesty and the fantastic wage they received an excellent number of applications for the nanny position.

The Telegraph interviewed the website CEO who said: “the most interesting story we’ve heard.”

“When we saw the advert we were stunned,” Conway said. “Some of the guys at HQ were skeptical, but after talking to the family and their previous employees, we realized it was a genuine position.”

“The family has assured us that no harm has come to anyone living in the house. However, the nanny will have to have a strong disposition.”

We don’t know who got the job or if she is still there, but surely this job is unique. The positive side of it that if you decide to throw a pillow fight party or make a giant mess in the house, you can blame Casper.

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

But If you ever watched the classic movie “The Shining” then probably the family could not offer enough money to stay there for an afternoon.

Have you ever came across a strange, freaky or funny nanny job ad online?

Let us know in the comment section.

Istvan Hetesi


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