3+1 Autumn painting ideas for children

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3+1 Autumn painting ideas for children

Previously in the Kids Zone, we learned few autumn poems now its time to get creative. If you are looking for an inexpensive but beautiful craft to do with your children this fall, then don’t look any further. In this article I will share with you 3+1 autumn painting ideas inspirited by the new season. I promise they are very easy and fun to make. I am sure you can find everything you need in your home. I hope this autumn craft will inspire you.

Lets the fun begin!

First off all you need to head outdoors with the kids and collect some awesome leaves in different shapes and sizes.

autumn painting ideas

1.Leaf rubbing

My all the time favorite fall activity is leaf rubbing. Ever since I was a child, I was enchanted by this beautiful self-made art.

autumn craftautumn craft

All you need to do is covering a beautiful leaf with paper and rubbing a crayon over the top.
Tip: You can create a beautiful leaf rubbing collage if you do one at a time and add other shapes and sizes of leaves one by one.

2. Leaf prints


Paint the leaves a variety of colors. It’s okay if the paint mixes a bit, which will make our print more realistic. Next press the leaves painted side down on the paper. Press all the areas of the leaf flat. And then pull back slowly. And there you go, you were creating a beautiful leaf print.

3. Autumn Leaf Painting

autumn fall craft

For this craft, you will need yellow and red paint. You should not mix the paint yourself, let the kids mix it so they will have different shades of yellow, red, and orange at the end. Fix the leaves to the paper with double-sided tape and tell the kids to make big strokes from the insides of the leaves to out. The finish ”product” will look awesome and fun!
Tip:  Be very carefully when you peeling off the leaves and tape!

+1. Bundled Q-tip autumn tree painting

Bundled Q-tip autumn tree paintingBundled Q-tip autumn tree painting

Most of the people grab a brush and paint but believe me it’s always fun to experiment with different tools and methods. For this art you will need to paint the trunk of the tree with simple paintbrush and do the leaves with your bundle q-tips (use a rubber band so they will stay together). And simply stamping around the trunk. You can use red, yellow, brown colors or any other. Up to your imaginations.

These simple autumn painting ideas are lots of fun. From the leaf collecting, deciding what to do with them through watching the kids create on the paper until the finished masterpiece. I hope you enjoyed this craft from the start to the finish just like we did and don’t forget to let me know in a comment which one your kids liked the most!


Kids usually ask from the anatomy of the leaf so here is some help to answers they questions!

Leaf anathomy

The broad flat part of the leaf is called it’s blade. The lines that run through the blade are the leaf’s veins.  Veins carry food and water to the tree. The stalk of the leaf is called a petiole.



Next time in Kids Zone you can find the answers for children`s most frequently asked questions about the autumn leaves.



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