How much I should pay for my nanny- nanny salary guide 2017

calculating nanny salary

Nanny salary guide 2017

How much to pay for your nanny?

What is the optimal nanny salary in 2017? There is no straightforward answer to this question. A good educated and experienced nanny with native English can earn between 500-2000 GBP per week, but it is not rare that some might get even more. Moscow, London, Dubai are some of the top destinations for quality nannies where they can get excellent salary and benefits for their hard work.

Several factors affecting the possible hourly rate or monthly nanny salary. For example:

  • Weekly hours (min and max hours, overtime, weekend hours)
  • Desired responsibilities
  • Contract type (temporary, permanent)
  • Nanny`s qualification
  • Nanny`s experience
  • Nanny`s skills
  • Nanny`s wage demands
  • Nanny`s nationality
  • Agency`s guide pay (if you hire through agency)
  • Your country`s minimal wage

As you can see, many things will have a say on the final salary.

Now go and write down one by one your ideal candidate skills, qualifications, the experience you desire and calculate your budget. Establish your contract offer including wage, working hours, responsibilities, and benefits you offer. For example:

  1. Display working hours ( for example Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, 40 hours)
  2. Permanent contract starting from…
  3. List Nanny`s responsibilities like General child care duties, light cooking, school runs, tutoring
  4. List desired qualifications
  5. List desired experience
  6. List key skills
  7. Write your max budget

Also, don`t forget to compliment the nanny salary with some or all of these below:

  1. Paid or provided accommodation
  2. Free food on duty
  3. Medical cover
  4. Paid holiday
  5. Covered phone and internet bill
  6. And you should also cover the cost of traveling

This is not the ad yet. These are just a few examples. It is for you to see what you offer and you want in return and to find that final number. Now its time to do some research. Check out ads and see what others offer. Compare those ads with your ideas and budget. The hunt out there for an excellent nanny is very competitive. Manny nannies are registered with several agencies to increase their chances and the good ones go fast. Why? Because it is in the interest of the agencies to secure the services of them for a long-term employer-employee relationship. Benefits are big on both sides. So you have to act fast if you spot a gem.

We left the most important part for last:

Please remember that the person you are about to employ will look after your child. You want that person to be happy and feel valued in order to have a long lasting and smooth relationship. This person should be able to focus on one thing only and it is to focus on the needs of your child. An underpaid employee carries the risk of carelessness or unhappiness which can result in stalled development of your child. Your goal is to give the best for your children and the way is to make the best effort to find the optimal amount you can spend on child care and to look after your worker not only financially but on every level.









Istvan Hetesi


  1. jhournalyn valdez abogado

    Im a hardwork person sir/madam,but speak english is low im willing to work in ur country to care ur child etc.but i have no enough money to use my application.

    • Andrea Hetesi

      Hello and welcome to our website! If you did not yet, please register as a nanny on our website by filling out our online resume form. After that, you will be able to apply any of our available positions for FREE. Many great websites offer free English lessons. Every day 10 mins practice can make a huge difference and improvement 😉 Good luck to you and hope to see you soon on board!

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