How to Keep Kids Hydrated During Summer

Keep Kids Hydrated

How to Keep Kids Hydrated During Summer

Some might say it’s kinda simple only need drinking water which is quite true. But how much and when? The answer is also simple: A lot and all the time.

Why? Because dehydration is the No1 enemy during summer. Kids are more at risk being busy playing happily outside under the sun.

Be sure that the kids will get enough liquids to stay hydrated, active as well as healthy at the same time during summer. It can help them learn how to keep themselves hydrated throughout their lifetime. Often, parents hire nannies during summer when the kids are on vacation, so they have someone to stay with them while the parents go to work.

Though, the nanny might have been trained on how to keep kids hydrated, having do’s and Don’ts at home can help. That way, you can be sure that the children are well taken care of. There are some important things that the nanny should know to be sure that your kids will be safe and healthy under her care during those hot and long summer days.

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Kids are prone to dehydration than adults


They are prone to dehydration than adults simply because their bodies do not cool down as effectively as the adults. They are more at risk during the summer. The risk will rise when the liquids leave the body by sweating in a faster manner than they are being replaced. Severe dehydration will be life-threatening. Taking some precautions can help and protect the kids and enables them to have a fun and safe summer time.


Teach the child to get used to drinking water


One of the best ways to keep the child well hydrated is to make him/ her used to drink water on a regular basis. You can build up a nice routine. It will be best to offer healthy drinks to every meal and along with snacks. Kids get so busy with what they are doing. They tend to forget that they are hungry or thirsty at times. Or they are too lazy to eat or drink. It will be best for the nanny to give the kids water from time to time.


Make the kids drink water even if they are not thirsty yet


The nanny must not wait until the kids are thirsty and ask for a glass of water. By that time they are already dehydrated. There are studies that say more than 1/2 of the kids in a sports camp were dehydrated even if there is an accessible source of drinking water and there are sports drinks available for them.

To keep kids hydrated the parents should teach the nanny how to encourage the kids to get a drink during an activity or better yet the nanny must give water every twenty minutes during hot weather.

How will a nanny know if the kid is getting enough water, especially at summer time? It is recommended to let the kids drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Do you know that if a kid is engaged in an activity, he/she can lose 1/2 liter of liquid every hour?

Experts suggest that around 5oz. Water should be given every twenty minutes for kids who are 88lbs. Higher the temperature and higher the tempo, more water needed.

To keep kids hydrated is a top priority at all times but even more so during summer. Make them drink lots of water and use good quality high factor sun cream, and their summer will be healthy and trouble-free.

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