How to become a nanny in 10 steps

become a nanny

How to become a nanny in 10 steps

I believe you arrived here because you might heard or read about how much money a nanny makes a year or how rewarding career it is. And right now you are thinking to change your path and become one yourself. But do you have all what it takes to be a successful one?

Working with children is a challenging role. Having natural instincts is a good starting point but don`t hope to lend your dream job without having to invest time, money and effort into your new career.

Here are 10 steps how to become a nanny.

1. Establish your expectations

Do your research and try to imagine yourself working with families. In this image carefully select the most desirable points for example: you would love to travel with them or you want to live in a remote, quiet part of a country. You want to work with big or small families, home or abroad. How long you want to work as a nanny and what you hope to gain, experience, adventure, money and so on. This little exercise will help you set a target. Read about some great nanny job benefits here

2. Make a plan

After completing the first step now, you know what you want. All you need to do is find the way to get it. Make a plan. How? All you have to do is do more research. We hope that you will find everything you need here at The Nanny Embassy website soon. Check the job offers and see what our families desire from their candidates. Check what you have and what skills you need to pick up to be able to apply for your chosen jobs. This is what you going to need:

Knowledge – Experience – Education – Language skills – Personality

In your planning consider what you have from these and gain the missing ones. If you have all the five, then it will give you an enormous advantage over other candidates.

3. Learn, experience

One of the common mistakes that people think they can become a nanny without learning. If you take the nanny job seriously than you can not do that. Every child is different, and they all have different needs. You will meet them at various development stages, different ages, different environment, diverse cultures. Suddenly you will be out of your comfort zone if you want to use only your instincts. You will need to learn to adapt quickly to these situations and implement the right methods and techniques.

  • Find the right nanny training
  • Work for free few hours for a charity or nursery

4. Go for it

Apply, apply, apply. If you had everything and made your mind up, then don`t hold it back. Apply for the positions you like, prepare and improve your resume. Build healthy relationships with agencies and don`t be afraid to ask for advice. Make a resume website with your name. It is 2016, and it would also show the companies and families that you are different.

5. The wait

Waiting is next. It can be very long or short. It depends on completing well the first four steps and some luck of course. You will probably face few unwanted responses until you get the one you want. And the next point will be the crucial one!

6. The interview

All comes down to this part. To become a nanny, you have to go through this obstacle. I must highlight some fundamental rules here.

  • Don`t be late. Ever. Not only from an interview
  • Wear appropriate clothing. If you are not sure, ask advice from the agency.
  • Take all your paperwork with you. Passport, driving license, diplomas, reference letters, etc. It will speed up everything if they choose you.
  • Learn about the family. If they are known for the agency then again ask few questions. Check them on the internet. Also, the ad gives away lots of useful info so read it a couple of times.
  • Don`t talk only about yourself. The best interview is when you ask questions, open a genuine conversation and let them do the talking 20/80. When you speak about yourself, don`t talk about how much you want the job. Instead, tell them what they gain if they were choosing you.
  • Always be polite, friendly and honest.
  • Bring these essentials

The good news is that you can master these skill with some practicing.

7. The result

It can mean two things.You got the job or not (this time). Try to imagine both outcomes and try to prepare yourself. If it’s the first one than celebrate but start to think about what you need to do next. If the answer was no this time then don`t let that pull you down. Try to figure out what was the reason. Be aware sometimes it is impossible to figure it out. Maybe it was a small detail on the resume or the interview. Or there was no difference between you and someone else they simply picked someone out. But if you feel or know what went wrong then act and improve that detail so next time you will increase your chances. Stay positive and keep dreaming. That is what kept me in the “fight” too.

If You succeeded and got the job what happens is highly depends on few factors.

  • Your nationality
  • Family`s country of residence
  • Agency`s process
  • Contract length

and some more.

8. Let’s prepare

It can be an easy ride or a nervous one. Mostly depends on where you and the family are located. If it’s the same country then it will be relatively easy. On the other hand, if they are abroad then you might need the work permit and work visa. Always check your passport expiry date and don`t wait for this one until the last moment. Do the same with driving license etc. Also, you might want a good travel insurance before you go and registering to the local health system when you arrive. This one is so important. Make sure you are covered abroad. You don`t want to spend all your saving on covering medical bills.

You need to sign a contract too. Be clear what you expect and put everything in writing. It is a business deal and friendly handshake sadly not enough nowadays. It will protect both parties, so it is critical. I made this mistake myself when I thought everything is clear and agreed. There were some awkward moments when I realized things are remembered differently on both sides. This situation is not good for anyone.


Need to take care of:

  • Check your ID
  • Contract
  • Visas
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Tax (if it is your responsibility)

Don`t forget to sort out all things related to your everyday life too.

  • notify companies that you are no longer responsible for utility bill (If you were) and If you moving out at the same time
  • If needed close accounts, cancel subscriptions
  • Notify your landlord or agency (important if you have deposited with notice period)

Etc. Oh and don`t forget to switch off the gas and your iron in the morning of your travel.  🙂

9. The adventure begins

Make sure all your papers, documents, and credit cards are with you and then you will be safe. Before you check in to your flight or taking a public transport notify your agency or client to confirm once again when and where they can expect you. People are busy nowadays so even an important thing like “our new nanny arrives today” can be forgotten. So better to prevent this from happening. Let them know your full itinerary with all locations so if something goes wrong, they know where to find you and how to help. Enjoy your journey as much as you can, relax and get ready for the big meeting.

10. First impressions

The first meeting is always different. It can be sweet and friendly, sometimes rushed, other times quiet. Always different as I said a moment ago so, please don`t judge your job and the family at this stage yet. You will need few days or weeks to adapt and get to know the family dynamics around you. Probably after your arrival, you will be transported to your accommodation if you will live separately and will have a day or night to have a rest before you meet the person who will become your No 1 priority. The child or children.

Congratulation! And now let’s learn how to become the best

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