Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Home Environment

Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Home Environment


In the pursuit of lifelong health and happiness, people often focus on a few pieces of the puzzle, such as nutrition, relationships, etc. When in reality, the concept goes far beyond diet and encompasses a myriad of factors crucial to your well-being – of which your living environment plays a vital role.

Quite simply, your home is the place where you spend most of your day, and if every space in your household is not designed for positivity, health, and day-long zeal of all of your family members, then you can’t hope to build an all-around healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some simple ways you can create a home that simply radiates positivity and well-being.


Create a clutter-free space

Physical clutter can negatively affect all of your family members, and it can easily put needless emotional and psychological strain on everyone in the household, which is why your first step towards a healthy living environment will involve throwing stuff out. But before you do, consider the things you can give away to those in need, or even the things you can sell.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to eliminate everything in your household that you haven’t used in over a year, as well as the things you know your family members no longer need. When it comes to your kids’ stuff, this will usually be old clothes stuffed in the back of the wardrobe, as well as worn-out toys.

Introduce natural elements throughout

The purity of air is a crucial element in any healthy household, and a great idea would be to introduce as much vibrant greenery as you can in every room. Of course, this doesn’t mean cluttering up the place with flora, but it does mean placing air-purifying plants in strategic places such as the corners, the windowsills, shelves, and tabletops. With a cleansing plant in every room, and maybe even an air-purifier in the corner, you will create a healthy environment for your family.

Give the gift of healthy, fresh aqua

Speaking of bringing health to your family members, another great idea would be to improve the water supply to your household. Water is essential for long-term health and well-being, so it’s important to install a filtration system for your house so that you can enjoy fresh, clean water every day.

But that’s only half of the problem – the other is plumbing. Take the average household in Australia, for instance. Homeowners who have problems with blocked drains in Sydney and other major cities have to deal with the problem quickly in order to ensure their water supply is healthy, clean, and continuous. Remember, if your drains are blocked or contaminated, you might be pouring hazardous elements into your cup every day, so don’t hesitate to call in a plumber when the problem occurs.

deep clean

Use only natural cleaning products

Nowadays, there is a cleaning product for your every need. Caked stains on your bathroom sink? Here’s an abrasive cleaner. Clogged garbage disposal? Here’s a chemical dissolver to eliminate food residue and contaminate your home with hazardous fumes. Not to mention the impact these products are having on the environment.

No way, you don’t need that stuff in your home. Instead, you can make your own, natural cleaning supplies out of everyday ingredients you might find lying around, such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, warm water, baking soda, and mild dish soap. Combining these ingredients can create a powerful combination and render any proprietary cleaner useless.

Cook and store your food properly

Lastly, the way you cook and store your food can have a profound impact on your long-term health, so it would be a prudent decision to say goodbye to Teflon products as well as plastic food containers. You only want to use cast iron or stainless steel for cooking, and glass containers for storing food. The former will preserve the nutrients in the ingredients, and the latter will keep your food fresh longer.

Creating a healthy living environment shouldn’t be a taxing, cumbersome chore. Rather, you want to make this a fun and rewarding experience that will pave the road to a lifetime of health and happiness for you, and all of your family members.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a cool dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for several online magazines. You can find him on Twitter.

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