Is It A Good Idea for Parents to Install a Nanny Cam at Home?

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Is It A Good Idea for Parents to Install a Nanny Cam at Home?


Keeping the movement of your nanny at home using a cam might just be a great idea. That is a perfect way for you to keep an eye on your kids, while seeing how the nanny takes care of them. This will give you a peace of mind, even if you are not at home. However, there are some reasons why having a cam at home might not be the perfect option for your family. Before you buy and have the camera installed, you have to ask yourself first some questions if a nanny cam is just right for you.

  1. Do you really need to have a cam at home?

You must have seen all of the heartbreaking videos scattered throughout social media sites nowadays wherein the kids are being abused by the nanny. Even the idea of a nanny hurting your kids is just enough for most of the parents to start looking for ways to find out how the nanny treats the kids when you are not around. Most of you must be thinking of a teddy bear to put a camera inside it, just to make sure that the kids will not be hurt.

But, before you do that, be sure that these things happen in a rare manner. But if you are suspecting that the nanny you have hired is abusing your kids, it is best to find a new nanny. Some parents feel at peace with a cam while their kids are under the care of someone help. It will be best to have the cam at home before you hire the nanny.

  1. Have you conducted a thorough screening before hiring the nanny?

A nanny camera is not a replacement for a thorough screening of a possible nanny. While screening is not a guarantee that you will be able to hire the best one for the job, it will help you conduct some security measures during the hiring process. That can make you feel more comfortable and confident with your choices too. As parents, you need to learn how to check the references in an effective manner and how to run a background check as well. You can also do an online research of the possible nanny to see if there are things to be cautious about in her social media sites. You must never neglect your guts and feelings about the nanny. You should trust your instinct whenever you hire someone to take care of your kids.


  1. Are you aware of the laws concerning surveillance videos?

You have the right to install whatever you want at home, since you own it right? But not that fast. While you install a cam at home to record the activity of your nanny is legal in America, even if you do it without the nanny knowing it. But, there are some states that restrict the use of audio recording without the permission of the nanny. Moreover, it is not allowed by the law to record the nanny in the bathroom or in some private parts of the house like in her bedroom if she is a live in nanny. Before you install a cam at home, be sure to check with your state law to prevent you from getting into trouble.

  1. Do you need to tell the nanny about the nanny cam?

Some parents feel that if they tell the nanny about the cam, it will not be effective anymore. It must be secret to be able to find out the real attitude of the nanny towards the kids. If the nanny is not doing anything wrong, there is no reason why she must mind being recorded. This idea is not always in line with the point of view of the nanny unless you explain to her.

There are nannies who will turn down the offer to work for you as soon as they’ve found out that you have a cam. Some of them think that it means the parents do not trust them enough. But, a lot of nannies will be happy to work in a home with a nanny camera, they will appreciate it somehow. Have a look at our recent poll about this topic:

It is your home and the welfare of your child is at stake, so you need to decide if a nanny cam is the best for your whole family. But, if you will decide not to let the nanny know about it and she discovers that after some time, she might feel uncomfortable and her rights may be violated. That can make her decide to leave the job and look for another employer. But, at the end of the day you still need to follow your feelings and your instincts. They will lead you to the right path.

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