Is it a good idea to hire a Filipino nanny?

filipino nanny

Is it a good idea to hire a Filipino nanny?

I received this question not so long ago and I gave a similar answer like this:

There is a trend around the world since thousand of years. People leave their homes, cities, and countries to look for a better future elsewhere. Motivations can be different. Some leave for a better lifestyle, some looking for a better environment, a better job, better money some does it for adventure.

I`ve done it myself. After 27 years I left my country,family and friends behind for a better future and for a little adventure. First I worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean sea. Half of the crew were Filipino.

After getting to know them I got a view about their mentality, attitude towards life and work and more. Did not take too long to get interested in their home country too.

On the cruise ship, I met a Filipino nanny who was looking after a young British boy. Once I managed to talk to her and she was happy to tell her story and experience as a nanny.

That time I was not thinking about nannying as a possible career for myself but I thought it is so cool that after you get a nanny job, you can travel around the world and make money at the same time.

In 2008 finally I visited The Philippines and I loved it. Every moment was different, full of adventures. I no wonder why many backpackers vote it as their favorite destination. Awesome food and super friendly people everywhere you turn.

I learned a lot about them with my 3 visits to the Philippines and while meeting nannies in the past few years.

So here is my answer to the original question:

  • A Filipino nanny will bring something from their home which is unconditional love towards all the family members, they are naturally having all mother instincts and skills. Girls and boys there looking after their smaller siblings with great care so they learn early age how to care for a child.
  • Everywhere I went I saw that the number one priority is the family. They make every effort to provide to their own and even if it is a struggle sometimes they stay positive and optimistic all the time.This is something I would like to surround my child with. Optimism and positive thinking. I Filipino nanny will give you that for sure.
  • Filipinos are extremely polite people so your child will see some good examples how to treat others.
  • They are a very good cook, they cook not only delicious but healthy food too
  • They are proving around the World that they can do a good job as nannies. London, Moscow, Hong Kong, New York, you can find them everywhere.
  • English is second language to them so it is fairly easy to communicate with Filipinos.
  • They will give 110% while working. Don`t forget they not only earning money for themselves. They are looking after everyone they left behind. They are providers and in order to do that,they try to be the best in what they getting paid for.
  • They won`t request holiday too often. Flights are expensive so they may prefer to send money home and work until visa expires. But as an employer, if you have a chance please organize and pay at least 1 home visit for them. Everyone will benefit from a happy and fresh nanny.
  • They live a quiet lifestyle, so if she is a live-in nanny you won’t even notice them on their day offs.
  • They do everything to please their employers. If you are an employer please don`t take an advantage of them. Rather applaud and reward them for their hard work and willingness.


The list could go on and I am sure all the families who ever hired a nanny from the Philippines would agree with me when I say:

Yes, It is a good idea to hire a Filipino nanny



Istvan Hetesi


  1. Im willing to work as nanny because i have a experience with my son and my cousin’children in many years

  2. Nelfa G.Agpalo

    I’m willing to work as nanny because i have a experience as nanny like my cousins children and especially i have a son and i know to take good care for them

  3. Jenniemae M. Perez

    I have work in hk taking care of a toddler and a newborn baby…. then went home to philippines to start my own family…i have three kids.. a nine yr. Old girl… a nearly three year old girl and a handsome little boy aged eighteen months…. im looking for a job now…


    I want to work as nanny for my family specially to my son’s even thought i dont have any experience as nanny i assure that i can do take care of your child like taking good care of my son elder 6 and youngest is 3.

  5. Marilou Agno.Lopez

    im willing to apply a nanny..because i loved childrens..and i have three childrens..grown-up already…i worked at Singapore for more than 6 years… and promise… household chores is okay… but i can manage also…if i taking care also childrens…

  6. Hi… i love to became a nanny.. i have an experience when i was in singapore .. im also take care my own baby boy … i love much …. i am honest person ..

  7. Maniliza Uanang

    Im a filipina a mother of 2 for the past few years I’ve been looking after my 2 children but now i want to work even a babysitters or household chores i can manage to do it i will do this for the future of my children pls help me and thank you so much

  8. Lualhati P. Yaba

    Hi i am filipina nanny for almost 13 years and at this present years for one family. I have a lot of experience regarding to take good care of children…i start to care a 1st child until its getting 4 siblings….the eldest son 13 yrs old. 12 yrs old. 3 yrs old and the youngest is 2 years old. i love the family because they treat me good even i am stay out nanny. I am happy to have them and part of my life i will give my best they are happy with me. As a nanny i have unconditional love to that family. So for now, i have plan to apply in abroad as nanny to share experience to care and love the children or whole family.

  9. ireneamariego

    I am applying for nanny bec i have expirience in hongkong taking care a newly born baby.

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