Is your child safe in your car? Convertible Child Car Seat Guide

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Convertible Car Seat: Ultimate Safety and Comfort for Your Baby

When we progress toward becoming guardians we don’t simply need to figure out how to deal with a child. We likewise need to figure out how, when and for what reason to utilize all the various types of baby gear. Be that as it may, similarly as essential is when and for what reason not to use any child equip measures—particularly their car seat.

As indicated by various investigations, babies are in danger of diminished oxygen levels while in auto seats. Particularly when the auto hasn’t in the movement or the outing gone on for a broadened timeframe. Even though preterm children or babies with respiratory conditions are most in danger, there is a justifiable reason purpose behind all families to avoid potential risk.

One day the phase of parental life starts.

This is the phase each one of us must face. One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is to keep your baby safe while riding in a vehicle. Appropriate usage of car seats helps children stay safe.

Car seats are the need of the hour for smart parents. With so many options available in the market, it is very confusing for parents to decide the best one for the child. One type of seat available in the market for child’s safety is the convertible baby seat. The fact that makes this seat unique is that it can get converted from rear facing to forward facing seat.

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The Proper Dilemma:

Parents always have a thought in mind as to when should we put our baby in a convertible car seat? Well, it is essential that the transition happens at the right time. The movement from infant car seat to the convertible seat must occur when the little one has exceeded the highest height or weight for his infant seat.

Know Your Convertible Baby Seat

Let’s save some money here. It might be cheaper to buy a convertible seat instead of an infant car seat and then to transition that to a convertible one. But young babies are safer in an infant seat. If you are opting for a convertible seat, then it is essential to see it has proper padding and helps baby fit comfortably.

Convertible seats are heavier than infant car seats and usually must be installed in the car. This means you can’t quickly take them in and out of the car, carry your baby in them. Or put them into a stroller.

Don’t think and get cheated that more expensive seat will have a longer lifespan. One can buy a reused seat at a lesser price, but frankly, that is going to help keep your child safe and might be risky. Often parents think that way.

There are specific points to be kept in mind and to be considered while buying a convertible baby car seat. Some of them are –

1. According to the safety standards or norms which makes it easy to use,
2. Features designed to protect your baby’s head better and chest in a side impact accident
3. Proper latching, easy cleaning, comfortable, easy adjustments, etc.

Did You Know Convertible Car Seats Have an Expiration Date?

Important! Seats can expire anywhere from 4 to 12 years from the time it is made. The life of the seat is mentioned in the manual as well.

It is essential to look for the expiry date as old car seats may not meet current safety standards. Which means you are putting your child’s life at risk. There are no government guidelines around it, but manufacturers decide based on general guidelines.

There are some more reasons as to why expiry must be looked at as an essential factor –

• It’s a known fact how technology is changing the and improving each day, and accordingly even standards change. Hence expiration date ensures the seats used are with current techniques and up to mark. This helps the parents stay updated too.

• Car seats are not made to last forever. Which means their material wears down. The belts become slightly elastic after many years of use, and because it is exposed to extreme temperatures in hot and cold cars, the material gets worn out which does not fulfill the reason of its utility. Same is the case here.

• As designs change and get older with time, manufacture will not keep the old stock with them forever, hence getting replacement part after expiry date will be difficult.

Be Wise, Be Aware: Keep your baby safe by opting convertible car seat and knowing the law, it is advisable to update the manufacturer with your recent contact information. This will keep you updated with the latest safety information and any other instructions.

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Not only limiting to manufacturer but is it is also worthwhile to get the convertible car seat and its installation checked by a professional to avoid any most common car seat installation mistakes and ensuring all other safety measures are taken care of.

After all, this is for your own bundle of joy so be safe and enjoy the ride with your little one! Happy babying!

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