9 Signs You Should Invest in Nanny

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9 Signs You Should Invest in Nanny


Kids are fun we can all agree on that, and they also mean lots of work. Taking care of them, looking after the house, shopping, cooking, etc. just a few things parents must do. Sometimes parents do it all alone have no physical help in taking care of their young ones while they go about their daily routine. That is where nannies come in.

They are a God sent gift for working parents who are looking for help in various activities involving their children as well as their homes. Very often, parents feel like they are more than capable of handling any situation that may crop up with regards to their kids, but they soon realize, it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. So, before you reach that uncontrollable stage, check for these signs for investing in a professional nanny.


1.You Are Always Tired


How many days have you come home after work and realised that you don’t feel as energetic as you would before the children came along? Of your answer is EVERYDAY, it is time for you to hire yourself a nanny. Having help at home, not only makes things for you easier, but it also ensures you are not worn out before you walk in through the door.

Having a someone takes care of your kids, and all their needs leave you to worry about other things at home and work. It also takes away more than just one chore in your routine, which means you will be spending a lot less energy during the day. If that doesn’t bring back the spring in your step, nothing will.


2.Can’t Find Time To Get Work Done


Is your workload at home and office piling up without any notice? Looking for a solution? A nanny can provide that extra free time you need to complete your backed up work. While spending time with your children is rewarding on a different level, there are times where your job should be given utmost priority.

It isn’t a lack of love for your kids; it is a sense of responsibility that develops as an adult. A nanny understands this and helps you to take time out of your busy schedule by taking charge of the children and allowing you to finish your unfinished work on time.


3.When You Have To Travel For Work


While the majority of working parents choose to live in the same city where they work, there are circumstances, at times, that cannot be helped wherein parents are forced to travel to different cities, or countries even, for their work. These are the parents that, more often than none, require daily assistance from a professional and trustworthy nanny.

Travelling around the world, with your child at home with a literal stranger, does take a lot of courage. They are trained to build a stable relationship with the children, but more importantly, with the parents, so that they can establish a bond of faith and belief and ensure the parents that their children will be taken care of, no matter which corner of the world they are.


4.When You Find Your Home Being Neglected


In the same way, your official work keeps piling up, your home is also vulnerable to neglect when most of your time and effort is put into taking care of your children. If you were once proud of the home, you kept, but can’t find the time to clean-up, hiring a nanny is one of the best possible options for you.

A professionally trained will have some expertise in helping around the house, apart from childcare activities. Parents often take over their children so their nannies can help clean the home for them. Over the years, working parents have been employing overnight nannies to manage their children during the day, as well as help keeps the home neat and tidy.


5.When Your Babysitter Doesn’t Give You The Security, You Want


Every year, some children end up in a hospital due to the lack care provided by unprofessional babysitters and other child care personnel.  If you are a parent who wants nothing but the best for your kids, a nanny is a perfect way to go.

Unlike a babysitter, nannies trained to make the environment safe and handle any situation that may crop up while the parent is away. If you have returned home to find your child with a high temperature, bruised in some way, or has eaten something they are not meant to eat, it is high time you invested in professional help.


6.Just Can’t Get Alone Time


Do you remember the last time you enjoyed a bubble bath or an evening out with your friends? How about the last time you and your partner had a quiet dinner and some time alone? Nannies are the best way to get away from it all, if only for a while, and indulge in activities you would have probably given up on. Even if it’s for a couple of hours every fortnight, having a nanny as a backup for your children is the perfect way to de-stress.


7.When All You Look For Is A Little Help


Every parent has, at least once, come to a point where there is nothing else to do but cry in frustration. These are the parents who wonder what it would take to get even a couple of hours of help around the home, either with their children or the housework. A nanny perfectly fits into both scenarios and helps any parent get that much-needed assistance. Nannies understand that children require a lot of attention, as does the home and that is exactly what they offer.


8.Seeing That Your Child Isn’t Getting A Learning Experience At Day Care Centers


Many parents turn to child day care institutions to meet their children’s needs for growth and learning. However, these centres at times, fail to teach the children anything and misuse the trust parents put in them but neglecting their children.

Some agencies offer well trained, licensed, and professional nannies that are certified to take care of children, as well as lay a strong learning foundation for these kids. Many parents have now realised the importance of having an influential person with their children while they are at work, and are frequently hiring nanny services around the world.


9.When You Just Want Less Work To Do


Let’s face it, having a regular job, managing and cleaning the home, and taking care of children on top of that, is no walk in the park. Even the most successful celebrities hire nannies to help them make it through the day in one piece.

Every parent looks to get a little bit of spare time, and a nanny is the most efficient way to acquire that. No matter what your profession is, or how big your home might be, children have a knack of bringing you down to earth and getting you to realise that; you do need help.


Ask any parent, and they will tell you that hiring a nanny would be the smartest move you could make. Even though spending time with your children helps in making the bond between parent and child stronger, it is essential to take a break and distract oneself. And what better way to get your mind off your kids for a few hours than hiring a professional caregiver that you can trust blindly.


Istvan Hetesi


  1. I don’t have kids quite yet, but I’d love have a nanny whenever I have kids!

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Istvan Hetesi

      We sure you gonna be an awesome mum 🙂 And certainly hope we will be able to help you find a great nanny 🙂

  2. My sister has a nanny which has worked awesome for her kids. They get to be home and she has the same person caring for all her children and they have grown to love her so much.

  3. As my little one is getting older I am starting to feel a little more pressure to get some help. Great tips!

  4. I’m not good I’m not perfect but I’m sure if you choose I’m pretty sure that or kids is in a good hands.I’m how to make kikay more acesories I put in her hair.i be he’s friend and also a nanny.

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