5 Things Parents Should Look for on a nanny Resume

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Nanny resume Scouting tips

Finding the right nanny to look after for your children is a challenging task. You look for your personal Mary Poppins. But that’s not an easy goal. After you’ve scouted the World for nanny resume, your eyes are red. You realize how difficult it is to pick the right candidate out of millions.

If you wish to pick the right one, you need to know what to look for exactly.
First, you need to establish your preferences and thinking about your child’s needs.

Then learn what type of qualification, experience and skills can cover them.
And of course get a feeling what type of personality would be ideal.

If you have a better picture then make a list of what to look out for:

Min experience
Minimum qualifications
Red flags

Let’s see some in details

1. Childcare qualifications

The role of a nanny has changed over the years. Parents not only looking for someone to stay with their child and provide for their basic needs. A nanny’s job is more complete with the proper development of a child is more important than ever. Beside instincts a nanny should understand child development stages, should monitor progress and report it to the parents. Those skills obtainable with childcare courses or nanny training. Lok for these listed on the nanny resume

2. Age-appropriate experience

The needs of a baby are more different than a preschooler’s. You need to look for someone who’s worked with children same age or similar age child than yours.

Sometimes it is a good idea to start from fresh and choose a nanny with no or little experience. If you go this path be sure, the nanny at least has an excellent base to build on like age related qualification.

Also, a good indication if a fresh nanny has volunteering experience working with children. The fact they went the extra mile shows they could be a good match

3. Safety consciousness

A nanny should understand the importance of safety when it comes to children. There are certain things we can do from instincts and there are tons what we can do only after successfully learning the skills needed.

Knowledge about CPR and First aid is an important detail to look for. Cuts and bruises happen all the time, and a nanny has to be ready to act correctly.

health and safety


4 Skillset

Once again many skill can be taught to the new nanny, but it is good to look for excellent skills in their resume. Besides the necessary skills, boys and girls could require different skills to work with. Keep in mind your child’s needs, their likes too. If she or he loves swimming, look for a swimmer. If your child loves crafting look for a nanny, who includes crafting as interest. Your child wants to be a singer? Well then look for a nanny with music skills. It is a fantastic feeling for a nanny when they can pass on their talent to someone genuinely interested. Win-win situation

5. Employer References

Nanny resume did not exist back in time, so a good reference was almost the only way to get a nanny job as only the higher class could afford to hire a nanny. It was vital for them to have someone around who is already trusted by their circle.

It is still important however it is more difficult for a nanny to have an excellent one. The competition for a job is high so a reference could be the ticket.

There are two things to look out for:

Nanny with no reference or a nanny with too many references.

A nanny with no reference can indicate that the nanny just started to work as a nanny and maybe this will be their first job, or she worked but don’t have or not very proud of it. The answer is always easy to find which one you are facing.

Too many references on the nanny resume can indicate a high level of trust but at the same time, if you are looking for someone permanent, it might be not the right match. Children need consistency. Their development can slow down when you keep changing staff who works with them.

It is important and worth to put effort into finding the best person for the job. Your child deserves the best and your nanny should provide the best of their ability.

Once you’ve shortlisted your favorite candidates, you might want to invest in a background check.

Istvan Hetesi


  1. Liezel Coderos

    Good day I am very interested or apply this job. i am avail next monthour hope to hear you back soon.

  2. Liezel Coderos

    Good day I am very interested tor apply this job. i am available next month hope to hear you back soon.

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