5 Common Reasons why Nannies Quit their Nanny Job

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5 Common Reasons why Nannies Quit their nanny Job

Have you ever thought of reasons why nannies normally resign from their work? Is there anything parents can do to prevent this from taking place? Challenges will come and go in any kind of job, however being a nanny is more challenging.

Those who cannot surpass the challenges with their employer normally decide to leave than to push through and settle the problem. Parting is never easy at all. A nanny leaving a family is one of the hardest experience families may deal with.

This is especially for those who have spent years of their lives taking care of the kids. Learning some of the usual reasons why nannies quit their nanny job can help families.

1.Too much work and longer working hours

Families need to understand that nannies are not superhuman. They are humans that get tired and stressed too. With longer working hours that are not being paid for or they are not appreciated for what they do for the family, they will surely quit their job after a while.

When couples come home late at night without asking the live-in nanny to rest during her day offs, she may feel like she is being abused. She may feel that her privacy is being neglected. Families need to respect the time off of the nanny.

There should be the hours of work, pay rates and even the responsibilities of the nanny, that way everyone will be on the same page.

2.A sudden change of responsibilities

There are some families who wish to have a nanny and a housekeeper at the same time. If this is the case, it should be written in the contract to make things clear beforehand. This can help the nanny, decide if she will accept the nanny job or not.

Every time you wish to change or add duties, you must consult the nanny first if it is fine with her or if she is not in favor of it. But of course, you must pay her extra fee for the job.

3.Salary problem

Families do not normally understand that this is a source of living for most people. It is just fair enough to give them the pay that they deserve, especially during holidays or vacations. If families will pay them enough, their lives will be simpler.

Often times, the main issue of families and nannies is the salary. Every worker would want to be paid for the tasks that they do, but families with a limited budget might not understand what a fair rate is.

In this case, nannies should tell the family about it in a nice way, so that they will understand. Unluckily, there are family and nanny relationships that do not adhere to the best practices.

There are instances wherein a family terminates a nanny that has served them for 4 years because of the salary problem.

The nanny has been working more than forty hours weekly without contracts and benefits. It pays to have a nanny job contract signed by both parties before hiring one. We highly recommend not to work without one.

4.Homesickness and loneliness

It is but normal for anyone suffering from homesickness. Staying in someone else’s home every day without an immediate family is one of the main reasons why nannies suffer.

There are times when nannies are never allowed to go out even during their day offs from work. They are isolated from the outside world and they work more than forty hours weekly.

This is normal for live-in nannies. Parents must be the one to encourage the nanny to do some activities with them or outside of the house during a day off.

She may also take the kids for a walk in the park or go to the playground with them too. Nannies must show some confidence, that can help the parents feel more comfy with them thus enabling them to go out with the kids. This can help prevent isolation from the outside world.

5.The absence of communication

A relationship between a nanny and a parent involves 2 parties with dissimilar backgrounds. But they need to come together with the same goal and that is to raise the kids successfully.

How can that be possible if both parties have dissimilar ideas? In the absence of communication, resentment will arise. Communication and respect are very important for the relationship to last.

Nannies should understand that nanny job is not only about taking care of the child it is also keeping the family updated and educated. The parents cannot read your mind and vice versa.

There should be a few minutes daily to talk about the things that happened that day or at the end of the week. This can help resolve some issues that may have arisen.

If you are happy with your nanny don`t take it for granted. Communicate, make sure she or he is happy. No need to give an expensive present. Just make sure you are there when they need you, that you are providing them a stress-free environment to work in and You are thankful for the service they provide. A big thank you at the end of the day can go long way!

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