Useful tips for a Phone Interview

phone interview

Useful Tips for a Phone Interview


Even in these times where the Internet is the main communication choice, you can expect a phone call time to time from a recruiter or an employer after you applied for a nanny job. It is often can come as a surprise and maybe catching you at an inconvenient moment, but this is your chance!

Try not to panic and follow these ideas.

Let`s see what you should do before the phone rings:

1. Add agency or employer number to your contacts

This step alone can help you out significantly. As the phone rings, you instantly know who calls so you can prepare yourself. Most of the time candidates applying to as many jobs as they can so at the end they can mix up things. Keep a list with agencies and the reference number, or few words about the jobs you applied.

2. Tell them the ideal time for a call

At the application state the optimal time frame when you can do a phone interview. Just make sure you are available then. If anything changes let them know and send a quick email.

3. Make sure your phone is ready

Always check and prepare your phone for the next day. Charge it fully and if possible have the charger with you. Don`t play useless games because they eat your battery.

4. Use ringtone a vibrating function

If you travel when the call comes, the vibration is essential.

Ok, so you are prepared and ready for the incoming call. You were waiting few days, and your phone is ringing.What do you do? Few ideas:

1. Don`t recognize the number?-Find a quiet place

Needless to say that your chances of impress the caller are very low if you can not hear them. Impossible to do a phone interview and answer accurately in a noisy crowded place. The caller will loose interest and makes a quick decision not to include you in the process.

Better outcome if they give a second chance and ask you to call them back as soon as you can. If you want to make sure you act professionally even when you the surroundings are not optimal, pick up the phone and politely ask their permission to call them back. This will not waste the caller`s time and keeps you in the mix.

2. Sound professional

Give short answers and straight to the point. Use a notepad and pen to record any important details. Don`t over complicate the conversation and let the caller lead.

3. Speak clearly and slowly

Don’t interrupt the caller or try to speak over. Don`t talk too loud. Don`t use fancy language. During a phone interview be polite and confident.

4. Try to relax your body , smile and use a positive tone

You might think that smiling and good body language is not that important while speaking on the phone. If you think then you are wrong! People can sense not only your mood but your body language, the position you are talking, sitting , standing etc.

5. Return the call in a timely manner

If you missed a call make sure you call back in 24 hours but I would recommend ASAP in order not to miss out on your chance. If an employer or agency calls you, that means you went trough the first stage and they ready to know more about you. If you do the call right you are 1 step closer to an interview where you can let them know face to face why they should hire you.


A phone call is always a good sign. It means they might consider your and definitely checked out your resume. It is your responsibility not to let things slip out from your hands.

Good luck and good call to everyone!

Got a face to face interview? Here is the list what you should prepare and bring to the interview.

Istvan Hetesi


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