Nannies and Agencies – A Relationship that Keeps Families Together

Nannies and Agencies – A Relationship that Keeps Families Together

Families in which both parents are employed, from the existential point of view. Having two monthly incomes ensures a higher home budget and, consequently, more assets to get goods for your children.

A fly in the ointment here is the fact that when both parents work, they spend less time with their children. If grandparents don’t live nearby, parents either need to leave their kids in nurseries and kindergartens or hire nannies. In this text, we’re going to discuss the relationship between nannies and agencies that hire them.


A meticulously conducted selection process

When a child-care providing agency is looking for a nanny, they need to conduct a selection process. Some agencies decide to post job ads in the local newspapers and employment websites.

Others work more by word of mouth and interview only the nannies that have been recommended to them by reliable sources. For instance, their current nannies suggest the candidates that will meet the demands of the agency owners and clients.

Renowned agencies that care for both their employees and the families they work with will always double- and triple-check each and every candidate before they employ them.

So, if you’re a nanny looking for a job and the agency you want to work is asking some trivial details about your life, you shouldn’t take it too personally. They’re just trying to find the best match for their needs. What’s more, if you start working for such an agency, you’ll know that other colleagues of yours have also been handpicked.


Detailed family research

What we often hear from agency owners is that they’re always doing their best to find the best possible nannies for their clients, and that’s perfectly fine.

However, not too many agencies perform detailed family scans. This relationship should be as interactive as it gets. While it’s crucially important that families hire the most reliable and skillful nannies, it’s also imperative that such nannies work with nice families. In this day and age, families are changing and agencies need to take good care to check their clients as much as they can.

In line with that, they should organize appointments with the entire family, but also with each of the partners individually. Only such an approach will enable and empower agencies to match the best nannies with the best families. The Guardian brings an interesting and thrilling story about Monica Albelli, who was a professional nanny and different experiences with parents. Her memories of the time when she was working as a nanny can be more than useful for agencies, nannies, and parents.

Logically, there’s one inevitable question: what should an agency do if they don’t think they should work with a family that asks them for nanny’s services. The smoothest thing to do is tell them that you don’t have the right match for their needs. If possible, recommend them to another agency they can turn to.


Nanny-parents meetups

When parents are looking for the right nanny or governess agency, it’s important that they’re included in the selection process. This is also a delicate part because they want an agency to find the right person for their needs, but they also need to be actively included in the entire procedure.

The wisest thing an agency can do is shortlist the number of candidates in accordance with parents’ requests, and then organize meetups between the candidates who made it to the final round and the parents.

Naturally, each of these appointments should be held separately, because it would be a bit awkward for parents to choose their nanny as if they’re identifying a suspect.

All the parties in this relationship need to be provided with all the valuable documents before the meetings. For instance, the parents should be given all the references and nanny-related documents of each candidate they’re going to talk to. Also, the agency should provide the nannies with the profiles of all the families they’ll be communicating with.

Fulfilling all these preconditions will minimize the risk that something slips under the radar.


Negotiating the financial terms

Nannies’ salaries are usually protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDA). However, parents might want to know how much the nanny they’re paying is receiving, and what part the agency charges for their services. Every agency has their own way of dealing with such requests. If your agency builds a positive reputation, most parents won’t pry into these details.

As for nannies, it’s extremely important that they don’t reveal the terms and conditions of their NDA-agreements to anyone, especially within the same agency. Similarly, if the family they work and live with are interested in nanny’s income, they should be referred to the agency whose services they’re using.

Protecting your personal data is extremely important, and it doesn’t only affect your current position, but will play an important role when you’ll be applying for other childcare jobs in the future.

Finally, the family could require signing an NDA with the nanny regarding various information about the family relations and members.


Nannies do one of the most demanding and stressful jobs in the world: they take care of babies, toddlers, and children. Since it’s such a delicate field, the legal aspects of that profession contain numerous details. Because of that, specialized agencies mediate between families and nannies. They should do their best to find the best matches for each of their clients and nannies. We’ve tried to clarify the entire relationship between agencies and nannies, as well as to give some advice to families and nannies that are only entering the world of childcare.



AuthorBio: Anne Harris is an HR specialist working for She recruits nannies, governesses and other childcare professionals, ensuring top-notch services for parents worldwide. In her free time she likes reading about education, and children’s welfare, as well as visiting sports events.

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