Live in Nanny – a modern family essential?

live in nanny

Live in nanny a Modern family essential?


Would you consider to let someone live in your house and look after your children? Could you live with strangers and share your life with them? Could you share a living environment with your employee or employer?

That is the life of modern wealthy families and those who choose to work for them.

I guess no need to explain what it means.  Simple, the employee lives with the employers.

Why there is a need for this type of employment?

Back in time, only the wealthy elite could afford to hire someone to work for them, educate and look after their children. They were responsible for bringing up the next line of riches, making sure they learn etiquette, how to manage an estate, how to lead a war.

Now let’s see what the role of a live-in nanny nowadays and why they are such popular choices among parents

Times have changed since the Downton Abbey type of eras. Parents, mothers, and fathers are almost equally involved in making the family financially successful. Old times it was the responsibility of men, now it is all shared. That means that both can chase a successful career which can result in two things (at least for a while)

  1. More money is available
  2. Less time available for parenting (most of the time it is true)

Obviously, the question comes up sooner or later how to deal with this situation. Often it starts with hiring a babysitter. Then after few difficulties when you can not find one, or the babysitter can`t provide what your child needs (development needs) families opt in to find either a live-out or a live-in person.

Question? Do you have a fix working schedule? If not and your house can accommodate another person then choose a live-in nanny.

What are the benefits of hiring one?

  • They are almost available 24/7. If you late back from work or needs assistance during night, they are available for you
  • They will soon learn the family dynamics, can adopt or improve quickly
  • Easy communication
  • Updates on child`s progress are available anytime
  • They are ready to travel with the family anytime
  • Provides an extra feeling of security for your child
  • Probably the nanny will never be late
  • Piece of mind, no need to rush home and worry that the babysitter is getting nervous because parents are late
  • Can observe child longer and probably better


What are the benefits of becoming one?

  • Your workplace is just behind your door
  • You can become part of the family
  • The best option to maximize savings
  • No need to deal with bills
  • Free food
  • Safe


How children benefit from having a live-in nanny?

  • There is always someone to talk to or to play with
  • Feeling safe and secure
  • Nanny can provide continuity
  • Care needs are always covered
  • Development techniques can be tailored more precisely to child`s needs
  • they can build an exceptional bond
  • They can go through all the stages with the same trusted person


For nannies

I worked six years as a live-in employee, and I have to say, is all true you can save a lot of money. But also you need to sacrifice a lot. Social life is very limited, and you can expect some difficult times when there is some tension in the house. Otherwise, it is great to have a position like this.

For Parents

Your child and family can have tons of benefits having a live-in nanny around. Try to “use” them wisely. Don`t forget that they need to be fresh and healthy to help your child to reach his/her potential. I often see parents forgot about the person inside a nanny and they just request things regularly and adding more and more duties.

All those extra works will reduce the time and effectiveness they can provide for your child. Stress can cause health issues which can put them out from work and can stall your kid`s progress. If they lose motivation, the progress stops with you seeing it. And from that moment you are throwing out money on the window and risking your child`s short or long-term future.

Pay them on time. They should be second on your priority list after your children. Reward them either with praise or financially. They don`t need to be treated like royals; simple respect will do. Most importantly you should say THANK YOU every day.

Istvan Hetesi


  1. annie rose laurente

    I want to.apply being a nanny .,i love kids and i know this is good for me

  2. Hi Hello parents, I am Marefe bodiongan from philippines,36yrs old married with one daughter .Im willing to work as a nanny or baby sitter..

  3. Sir/Madam
    Have a good day. Im 40 years old from Philippines. I have two daughters, im interested to apply as a second parents or nanny/baby sitter. Im looking forward to work. Thank you very much,if you giveca chance to read my message.


    good day!
    im Cherry Dacera Roiles
    from Philippines.
    im looking for a job as a nanny..
    good bless and more more power to your company..

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