Kids most frequently asked questions about leaves during autumn

Kids most frequently asked questions about leaves during autumn

For today topic I got the inspiration when I went for a walk couple of days ago and witnessed a conversation between a mom and her son. He was asking his mommy about the changes what the new season was has brought for us. She explained everything to him and examined the fallen leaves around them by color and shape.

I remember when I was a little and had millions of questions about life. I distinctly remember now when my mom was teaching me for the changes of seasons. Then one of my favorite autumn craft (you can find here) we used to make every single year popped up in my mind.
When I got home wrote down all the boy`s questions plus added mine from my childhood. Asked around families with kids about the topic. At the end of my day, I had a couple of questions so here is the Q/A for the most frequently asked questions about leaves by the children:

Before we start here is the Anatomy of the leaf:

The broad flat part of the leaf is called the blade. The lines that run through are the veins. They carry food and water to the tree. The stalk of the leaf is called a petiole. Leaf anathomy

Q: Why is a leaf green?

grean-leavesA: Leaves contain chlorophyll, which has a green pigment. Yellow and gold pigments are present in the leaves through the summer, but Chlorophyll was covering them. Chlorophyll is the substance that absorbs sunlight to use in photosynthesis.

Q: What is Photosynthesis?

leaf making oxygenA: The process of turning carbon dioxide and water into food for the tree. (Here you can explain to your kid why is photosynthesis is so necessary.)


Q: Why do leaves change colors?

questions about leavesA: In Autumn, when the days get shorter and colder. Since there is not enough sunlight and water available during winter, the tree goes into a resting (sleep) period where it will stop producing food. When trees stop producing chlorophyll, the green color fades, and then we can see orange and yellow colors which were in the leaves all summer, but the green covered them up. Some leaves turn to red because the food trapped in the leaves others are brown from wastes left in the leaves.

Q: Why the leaves are falling?

falling autumn leavesA: Trees shed their leaves during autumn as cold weather approaches. By getting rid of them help the trees to save water and energy. The whole process starts with breaking down Chlorophyll (once again that’s the reasons why leaves turn red, orange, and gold colors during the fall) and ends when leaves been shed.



After answering your kid’s questions, you can teach them more about the fall by these autumn poems ( find it here).

Have a fantastic season and see you next time in the Kids Zone where you can find 5+1 autumn-themed book ideas for your children.

Do your child has other questions? Let me know in a comment so I can add them to this article.







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