7 Reasons Nanny Jobs are the best

nanny jobs

7 Reasons why Nanny Jobs are the best


Like any other jobs, nanny jobs has their pros and cons. If you have a nanny friend you might see they traveling around the world, posting images about places they visit. And you probably admire them for that. But traveling is the only perk comes with a nanny job?

Let`s see the seven most commonly mentioned reasons why nanny jobs are the best:

7. Traveling

This one is my favorite too. As a nanny, I was able to visit some amazing places like USA or France and got paid at the same time. Your flight and accommodation all taken care of by the family and sometimes nannies even get some extra money to spend. Make sure you use your day offs discovering everything because you never know if you will ever have another chance to be there.

6. Getting paid to play

One of the most important thing for kids is PLAY. As a nanny, it is your chance to do it again and re-live your childhood. Play with lego, play football in the park, paint and decorate, create and craft. I bet you could enjoy again because I do too.

5. Get to watch children grow and develop

Now this is a fantastic point. You will encounter so many magical moments when you are observing and working with kids. All you ever said, all you ever teach, ever read will come back at one point, and they will carry them forever become part of their personality.

As a nanny, you will experience so many proud moments. When they start to walk, start to talk, mastering the potty, climbing on the first tree, conquering something. Always think about being a nanny as a creator.

You spend so much time with the child that You contribute a great deal to that child`s future. You not only covering basic needs but shaping their personality, affecting their confidence, building them up for all the challenges they might encounter one day. Nothing is better than hearing a child passing on the knowledge what you taught to them.

4. No long hours spent standing

Some jobs require employees to stand almost all throughout the day while on the job. This could be very stressful and could cause a strain on the body. But hey! None of this is required while being a nanny.

Although lots of energy and moving around is necessary when being a nanny, it does not mean you have to stand all day and work your body out. Nannies most of the time have enough time to rest and do other smaller chores while the child is asleep, causing less stress and pressure.

3. Special outings

While every other employee sits behind a desk at any regular 9 to 5 job, nanny jobs have the convenience of spending time at the mall, the zoo, the museum, playground, and parks. Nannies are needed to accompany the child at all times, so wherever it may be that the child may go, the nanny would be required to go along. When you are on duty all entry fees, food, etc. are paid by the family.

2. Earn and save good money

Working as a full time or part time nanny ensures great pay. Parents are willing to pay handsome amounts of money because they need to make sure they child is taken care of with utmost attention. If you choose a live-in position or a live-out where the family provides your apartment, then You can maximize your savings. Usually, your package includes free internet and phone usage, free food on duty, travel cards or car to use. So you can almost save the full amount of your wage.

1. Become a part of the family

After a while, you will become part of the household. People will know that you are taking good care of their children, they will proudly introduce you to their friends and family. Celebrating holidays together is one of the highlights of a nanny job where you can be part of their special moment. Traveling and living together will allow both parties to get an insight of each other`s life and further deepens the connection.


If you love children and if you are drawn to their innocence and honesty, if you have an energetic personality and if you would like to let out your inner child, then being a nanny is the perfect job for you. And with all of the above reasons, I am sure anyone would love to work as a nanny with such amazing perks. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to become a nanny here

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    gud day! i want to apply as NANNY…how?

    • Andrea Hetesi

      Hello Sheila, if you click on FIND A JOB menu it will takes you to our job listings. Read the job descriptions you interested in and click on APPLY FOR THIS JOB. Then a new page will open where you have to fill out our resume form if you did not yet. If you created a resume on our website earlier then you are done with clicking on the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button. Good luck!

  2. Maam, I want to apply as a nanny, please can you help me to fine employer please thank you!

  3. ma. theresa uy aguilar

    Hello. How are you mam or sir my name is Theresa Uy Aguilar. I am 42years old I worked in Kuwait and Saudi and Macau.

  4. Maryjane T. Coniado

    I want to apply as a nanny. I love kids.

  5. May joy san juan

    Very interesting…i really want to get a job as a nanny..

  6. Hi I’m a filipina I want to apply as a nanny I’m 39 years old I love kids…

  7. Marilyn malagante

    Good you have this website. How can I apply as a nanny?

    • Istvan Hetesi

      Thank you! You can apply below the job description. In order to do that you need to create a free resume first on our website.

  8. hello, pls.I want to apply as a nanny.,more than10yrs.work experienced on montessori day care center here in philippines for 1 employer only. help me pls.

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