5 Things to Bring on a Nanny Interview

nanny interview

5 Things to Bring on a Nanny Interview

Don`t leave these at home


One of the most crucial steps of becoming a nanny is the face to face nanny interview. There are some candidates who enjoy those nervy and challenging moments; some are stressed and find it difficult to conquer. One thing for sure If you want to become a nanny you must pass this part.

I have to say I am very confident in these interview situations but over the years I made lots of mistakes too. I learned from each of them, and I got better all the time.

I learned and realized that you must go there well prepared.Think about it as a final exam. If you study prior, you have a great chance. If you just trying to pass with what you absorbed during class, you still might make it, but surely you won’t be able to provide the same quality.

Before you go to a nanny interview:

  • Study the agency
  • Study the advertisement
  • Do a research on the family if you know some basic details on them
  • Study your CV I know it might sound strange, but people tend to miss out some info or add something they later forget.
  • Calculate how long it takes to get there (Never Late!)
  • Choose and prepare your clothes a night before.


Half of the work is done. Now here comes an important part:

What to bring to a nanny interview:

1. Always prepare a nice and clean resume

You might think they already have one so why? There are many answers to that. Maybe you completed an online form, and they like to see one you brought to compare. Or if the family is presented at the interview you can give one too. I would prepare my nanny resume on high-quality paper and put it into a quality case. It will help you stand out, and you show that you took care of little details and got some style. An interview is all about standing out from the crowd so use every tactic you can come up with.

2. Bring your certificates and diplomas

They can see on the resume that you have them, but employers like to see in real as well. How you present them will indicate how precious they are for you so treat these as something you value highly! Be proud of them even the easiest not so prestigious one. All of them are part of your skill set as a future nanny of their child.


They are like your tickets to success in the nanny world. You can get jobs faster and easier with good references. To get them all you have to do is work hard, learn, display your skills and ask for them when you leave a family. If you feel its hard to start to gain experience and collect references, then it is time for you to do some volunteer jobs. They are fairly easy to get, and the references have good value too.

4. Identifications

This one is an obvious one but why. If you get the job they already have your details, copies in hand. Imagine if there are two of you close to the finish line and one forgets her/his identifications. If nothing else decides between two candidates, time can be a crucial factor. The family wants to sort our everything quick and smooth and the agency too. So you are indicating them that they can expect a smooth co-operation with you.

5. Prepare your questions

If you did the research part well, then you should have some important things to ask. Once again it will show you as an individual with attention to details, someone wise, and experienced. It is also what it is. A questioner in order to clear out things for you and help you make a better decision. Don`t be afraid to ask. Most of the candidates are too scared to ask so you again will make yourself visible by firing some good questions.

If you follow these very simple tips I am sure that you will increase your chances and one day you will be the chosen one!

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Istvan Hetesi

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