Basically anyone can become a nanny but to stand out from the crowd you must have something to build on. For example if you love being around children ,that is a good starting point. If you think about it as a career and I truly believe you should then there are lots of ways to Learn,Study and experience in order to get closer and closer to your desired positions.This will help you secure nanny jobs faster and will enable you to earn more. To learn more click here!

Yes and it always will be. We believe that the people who wants to change their life and wants to work then they must be supported as much as possible. Candidates who registered their resumes on our site (free) can apply directly. There is no trick or additional cost. Just register your resume and start applying! We charge only employers who wish to post a job but even for them registering is free. They only pay when they want to display their ads. There are additional options like featured resume which gives you better chance to stand out but that is entirely up to you if you like to add this option or not.

As we mentioned above “No” you don`t need any but you will have much much higher chance to secure a well paid position if you hold qualifications related to children.To start with you should apply for jobs and start maybe in temporary positions to build up confidence and collect references. Meanwhile you should use your free time to educate yourself and start to build your career path .

It depends on many factor. Sometimes families looking for someone ASAP sometimes they need someone from a desired date because maybe their other nanny leaves. Always check the details in the ad description. 

We do not offer those services. We are an online platform where nannies, agencies and families have a chance to find each other. We do not deal with visas, the family provides all the necessary documents and dealing with work permits. Employers should help obtain work permits, organize tax and insurance.

In case of a real emergency situation please dial emergency services in your area.We advise everyone to collect and write down all the important contact numbers starting with the emergency numbers.

It can be few hours, days or few weeks. It depends on what are the requirements and the availability of the chosen candidate. If both parties our happy and no visa needed then it can be a very fast process.

First thing parents should consider when they are looking for nannies is their child`s needs.That is the most important factor. Here is a tip from our How to section.

We do not allow resume browsing as we wish to protect our users privacy. Employers can see only resumes of those who applied to their job.

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