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About the Elite Nanny Academy

Learn to succeed

The Nanny Embassy`s academy aims to become the leading provider of recognized distance learning qualifications in the nanny industry. There is no better place to begin your educational journey. Whether you are looking to change career, or to get qualified, or you want to get promoted, our courses can help you.


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Who should take our courses Join if you


Want to learn how to become a nanny

Gives you an idea about how to plan your career as a nanny, what it means to be a nanny

Struggle to find a job

Many people struggle to find a job as a nanny. Learn everything to make sure you you have all it takes to work as a nanny

Want to take your knowledge to the next level

If you are already working as a nanny and you wish to be better at your nanny job, you wish to earn more, you wish to understand children better

What you will learn Essential skills

Perfect basics to build on

This is the most important part. You will learn what is nannying, what it means to work with kids

How to get a nanny job fast

Learn how to create a winning resume, understand application process, interview skills. Also you will learn how to work with agencies

Child care

You will learn about child care, including child development,counselling skills, and other important aspects of child care and education


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